Taipei, 2021 - Savitech Corp., the advanced technology developer of LHDC™ Bluetooth high-quality technology protocols, which could significantly reduce the difference in audio quality between wireless and wired audio devices, also provide the most realistic ultra-high-pitched sound quality, thus users can enjoy the convenience and high quality of Bluetooth wireless audio. As the eSports heat also gradually tilted toward the field of hand-to-hand travel, major audio and video brands began to join the market for e-sports-grade TWS true wireless Bluetooth headsets, enabling e-sports players wearing it to enjoy a high-quality "millisecond" simultaneous audio-visual game experience.


​​​​​​Edifier’s latest TWS product from its’ sub-brand HECATE, adopts the latest chipset from PixArt Imaging Inc., equips LHDC 3.0 Bluetooth high-quality technology, with Bluetooth 5.0 version, supports cross-platform compatibility to facilitate Android/iOS users. Moreover, Low-Latency technology

provides extreme gaming experience with synchronizing audio and video for gaming, no doubt, Edifier adopts LHDC technology is in an effort to make consumers enjoying the delicate and clear, higher restore listening experience.

Another highlight is its stability, with LHDC™ Bluetooth true HD technology now supports NXP’s CoolFlux DSP solution. NXP's CoolFlux DSP is fully operational with the required audio processing, including sample rate conversion and audio compression, to form a comprehensive ultra-low-power wireless audio solution that enables extremely low standby power consumption and minimizes power consumption when there is no device on the charger.

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