November 2020, SAVITECH and Saner studio jointly planned the sharing & experiencing session of "Explore Bluetooth True HD". In addition to introducing the LHDC™ coding and decoding technology, also the development of mainstream Bluetooth products and technologies in recent years. To ensure that invited medias could enjoy the best audiovisual feast possible, we provide the STAX - the greatest headphone systems – for bringing the best experience.



The Bluetooth audio and HiFi topics are lively discussions in traditional HiFi theme or daily network activities. One reason is the continuous enrichment of Bluetooth functions, such as the appearance of noise reduction, adaptive audio adjustment…those have brought consumers a brand new experience. On the other hand, the development of Bluetooth standards and transmission protocols keeps pushing the progress of industry. After Sony LDAC, Savitech’s LHDC is the second Hi-Res Audio Wireless Bluetooth high-quality standard solution certified by the Japan Music Association. Recently, lots of new wireless devices equip LHDC for meet the market requests. In early stage, Savitech focused on wired digital audio. After 2015, we start to focus on mobile industry and decoding earphones launched by well-known brands such as Huawei and HTC that have the credit of Savitech’s solution. After getting these achievements in the wired field, we delicate the LHDC high-definition Bluetooth audio coding. At present, the LHDC library file has been added to the Android framework also has been certified by three major associations: JAS (Japan Audio Association) –wireless certified Hi-Res Audio Wireless, AQS(Audio Quality Society) and HWA (Hi-Res Wireless Audio) - the China Audio Association, a Huawei-led alliance. 

LHDC can support the transmission of 24bit/96KHz high-resolution audio, and the highest data transmission rate can reach 900Kbps, which is nearly 3 times of conventional SBC encoders. At the same time, the transmission delay of Bluetooth audio can be reduced to 80ms through LHDC, which significantly improves the user experience of high-definition Bluetooth standard equipment. In the experimental data of AP tester provided by SAVITECH, the total harmonic distortion of the LHDC solution is lower and more stable than other common Bluetooth encoding technologies on the market. However, the laboratory test environment is still very different from our daily use environment, according this, LHDC is equipped with bit rate adaptive technology, 80-150ms dynamic delay adjustable/ compensation technology, those make the LHDC solution is in stable and satisfactory condition. Unlike common solutions such as Qualcomm provide, which have certain platform restrictions, LHDC chose to work with common Bluetooth chips in the market, such as BES 23/2500, the pre-integrates LHDC™ Library solution, with this, customers can quickly import mass production without repeated consolidation. We demoed the recent products equipped with LHDC solutions, apparently LHDC has penetrated into different forms of audio-visual products, even HIFI-level equipment. Among them, the Mi Bluetooth Speaker of Xiaoai (Art battery version) is also the world's first smart speaker equipped with LHDC technology. The addition of LHDC technology in the field of smart speakers has also improved the user experience of Xiaomi's AIoT scene devices, which help to provide better service to global users with leading technology.​

Through cooperation with different companies and as the standing board member of the AQS Alliance, SAVITECH is also actively promoting the development of Bluetooth audio and participating in the formulation of related standards. In the future, we will see LHDC and SAVITECH solutions in various product categories and brands. Taking OPPO as an example, after rigorous technical testing and consideration of coordination, OPPO chose LHDC solution in recently launched Enco X, true wireless headphones. Enco X, after more than six months of development by a team of dozens of people, finally found a good balance between sound quality and stability, thus Enco X are recognized as the star model in the first echelon of TWS products.

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