New Generation of LHDC Creates Immersive Bluetooth Entertainment Program

Guangzhou, 2021 - Savitech Corp., the advanced technology developer of LHDC™ Bluetooth high-quality technology protocols, which could significantly reduce the difference in audio quality between wireless and wired audio devices, also provide the most realistic ultra-high-pitched sound quality, thus users can enjoy the convenience and high quality of Bluetooth wireless audio. On the way to actively promote the LHDC protocol to global brands, Savitech Corp. still strives to allow users to enjoy a delicate and more complete high-reduction listening experience, so the introduction of a new generation of LHDC focusing on spatial enhancement, complete simulation and restoration of sound appearance, under the new features of the LHDC Bluetooth Audio Entertainment System was born, to provide users have an immersive, ultimate experience. 


The revised LHDC has several features, dynamic low-latency technology can be through LHDC compatibility technology to provide low latency function which is the best solution for game video experience; Dynamic stream adaptation technology can strengthen stream compression to transmit high-quality audio for more complex environment, its stream dynamic range to 128kbps to 900kbps, completely get rid of environmental constraints to enjoy high volume of audio at any time;  LHDC Infinity Sound enable virtual and realistic rendezvous through modeling real-world spatial parameters, from video viewing, live playing, music listening, gaming, broadcasting to business meetings, all through personal devices to allow people to fully immerse themselves in a second. It has to be mentioned that Savitech Corp. always thinks about the users and ahead of the deployment. Supporting the next generation LE-Audio codec, not only the general bluetooth device can enjoy the LHDC high-quality experience, LHDC also support the 5.2 Bluetooth LE-Audio protocol. Multi-platform support allows users to seamlessly switch from mobile phones to laptops to TVs, instantly enjoying the experience of LHDC.

Moreover, LHDC got the approval from international certification last year: JAS updates the Hi-Res Audio Wireless standard, which must conform to the balance of left and right channel output, using high-resolution bluetooth coding technology: LDAC or LHDC, so using LHDC coding technology is sure to provide a better hearing experience for the general public. Combined with these features, LHDC Bluetooth Audio Entertainment System delivers a new audio experience with high sound quality, low latency in every scene, allowing users to listen to music, voice calls and video conferencing during their commute, or enjoy the relaxation of e-games. 


LHDC will continue to strengthen the technical kinetic energy, followed by high-resolution audio transmissions of 24bit/192KHz and lossless sound CD-Loss (16bit/44.1KHz) specifications to preserve more music details. Will also be in the LHDC vowels continue to work deep, hoping to enable consumers to enjoy the highest quality.  LHDC Bluetooth Audio Entertainment System keeps you immersed at all times, improving the audio performance of your phone, headset, and devices in a way that's as satisfying as being in a music temple every time you listen.


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