What is LHDC™  ?

LHDC™ stands for low latency and high-definition audio codec and is announced by Savitech. Comparing to the Bluetooth SBC audio format, LHDC™ allows more than 3 times the data transmitted. LHDC™ provides the most realistic and high definition wireless audio. There will be no more audio quality disparity between wireless and wired audio devices. Enjoy both the convenience and high quality that wireless audio via Bluetooth brings.


The New LHDC-V5  

In response to the fact that most codec formats continue to support 24bit/96kHz sample rates, the LHDC-V5 version uses a newly created core algorithm to bring wireless audio transmission resolution to a new height, which is Hi-Fi 24bit/192kHz.


Master Tape Quality Audio


Delivering 24bit/192KHz audio quality via Bluetooth


Adaptive Scaling 128kbps~1000kbps

Automatically adjust to provide most suitable data rate to balance performance and stability

Broad Usable Scenes


Support common Bluetooth SoC