Taipei, 2021 - Savitech Corp., the advanced technology developer of LHDC™ Bluetooth high-quality technology protocols, which could significantly reduce the difference in audio quality between wireless and wired audio devices, also provide the most realistic ultra-high-pitched sound quality, thus users can enjoy the convenience and high quality of Bluetooth wireless audio. We've been looking for the same dedicated customers, TEAC had been started for almost 70 years, and can be described as self-demanding innovators; in early 1980, TEAC in Japan developed many of the studio classics with high-power, hard chassis structures: "ZD-5000" was the "artistic incarnation" of the time. Later, TEAC developed the "ZD-7000" CD player, which combines the TEAC patent: the "ZD circuit" of digital/analog converters. TEAC continues to introduce amazing technologies to help audio lovers fully enjoy the "new generation of the future" technology.


Last year, TEAC introduced the UD-505-SE and NT-505-SE wireless player, decoding part of the fully balanced separation design with AKM top-of-the-line decoding chip, matching LHDC 3.0 Bluetooth high-quality technology, with cross-platform compatible with convenient Android/iOS users, set high sound quality and low latency, compact size but sound quality is full, final, the price is appropriate.


Recently, TEAC released a new flagship "UD-701N: Streaming Player and USB DAC Ear Extension.” The UD-701N's built-in Bluetooth reception supports LDAC, LHDC, aptX-HD, aptX, AAC, and SBC, with broader digital audio compatibility than most products, whether it's network streaming, the storage of reading USB. The device's music files, USB digital audio input and multi-digital audio maximum support specifications of 384kHz/32bit, DSD corresponding to the highest format of 22.5MHz, almost can play all kinds of music files.


It is worth mentioning that TEAC’s super high end audio brand Esoteric, recently introduced the new N-05XD, which can be its first advanced ear extension to DAC products, meaning that headphones or horn users  can simply match the N-05XD to form a set high-quality audio system, for dual-channel audio users, the N-05XD was originally an advanced digital streaming DAC, and now comes with advanced ear amplification and front-level output capabilities, and the name “XD” on the model represents a very important technological advance for Esoteric using The Master Sound Discrete DAC, developed by Esoteric, without the use of off-market chips. This exciting combat-grade model has the LHDC ™ high-quality Bluetooth technology, it is not difficult to see how much TEAC takes the importance of this technology seriously.

About Savitech
Savitech stands for the spirit of an energy-efficient, high-performance analog and mixed signal IC design fables. With the most experienced analog, mixed signal & integrated circuit design team, we provides advance audio to all the electrical devices, from Hi-Fi audio system to mobile phone. We offer individualized solutions for each audio application.

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