December 2020,- Hi-Res is the Evaluation System of the Japan Sound Association for high-quality equipment. As the Bluetooth basic audio transmission protocol, LHDC and LDAC these two protocol standards are recognized as bluetooth audio HD transmission basic protocol. Hardware devices that use both encoding methods to apply for HiRes Wireless's product sound quality certification.

According to JAS, the new version of the Hi-Res Wireless specification mainly includes the corresponding real wireless Bluetooth headset design, mainly to 180 centigram distance, 60 degree angle to form an inverted triangle listening range as the basis for judging, also required true wireless Bluetooth headset must make the left and right channel transmission error in the range of plus or minus 50μs, in addition must adopt Sony’s open source - LDAC Bluetooth coding technology, or LHDC coding technology of Savitech from Taiwan, Only in this way can meet the new standard. 

Same as the Hi-Res Audio high-resolution sound specification, true wireless Bluetooth headsets that comply with the new Hi-Res Wireless specification can also print gold stamps with the Hi-Res Wireless specification on product packaging and promotional documents.

The reason for the new version of the specification, mainly in the previous introduction of the real wireless Bluetooth headset is one set of headphones as a connecting host, and the sound content copied to another set of headphones, the formation of stereo hearing, but may be due to wire interference and other conditions, resulting in left and right ear sound out of step, or resulting in no sound output on one side. In the new real wireless Bluetooth headset design, the left and right headphones can be independently connected to the playback source device, so it does not distinguish which side of the headset is connected to the host, but still need to standardize the left and right channel output balance performance, to define more in line with the actual use of Hi-Res Wireless specifications.

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